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Published on: July 7, 2018 | Updated on: Last Monday. Varified



SKU: BN-6428607
Not available in !! Available in Purnea Only. Anyway! you can order and we'll deliver to your doorstep in .
price PRICE: ₹ 30 for /Pack ( US$ 0.43 for /Pack )
Size: 500 gm
Brand: LOCAL
Stock : In Stock
Description: This is the best product in our Purnea town. If you want to grab the best deal for TEASEL GOURD / KAKROL in Purnea, This is the right place to Order online and we deliver you TEASEL GOURD / KAKROL as soon as possible in the best condition. This may take 30mins. to some hrs, depends upon the distance in the Purnea city.
Provided by: BindowKart
Delivery: Only in Purnea

Delivery Charges: FREE
Delivery Time: Within minimum 1day to 5days.
# No Cancelation Available.
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The Teasel gourd is an egg-shaped, yellow-ish green fruit, covered with a thick layer of soft spines. It has crisp, watery flesh filled with small seeds, similar to its cucumber relative. The Teasel gourd’s flavor is similar to bitter melon with light astringent notes. Teasel gourd is available during the monsoon season in India (late spring through summer). Teasel gourd has antibiotic properties and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to help blood circulation. easel gourd is often served fried or stuffed, one of the most popular dishes made with Teasel gourd is Phaagila Podi, or Teasel fritters. Stuffed Teasel gourd is popular in Bengali cuisine. The spiky skin is cut away and the gourd cut in half; the seeds are scooped out with a spoon and added to a mixture of spices and chiles for the filling. After stuffing the seed and spice mixture into the hollow cavity of the Teasel gourd it is dipped in batter and fried in oil until browned. Slice a peeled Teasel gourd into several rounds, dust with rice flour and spices and pan fry. Teasel gourd’s mild taste picks up the spices and flavors of whatever is cooked along with it. Many dishes made with Teasel gourd are paired with rice. 

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